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Black Ops Blend Coffee

Black Ops Blend Coffee

Black Ops Blend: Fuel for the Everyday Mission

Black Ops Blend isn't your average cup of joe. This dark roast ground coffee is for the veterans – the early risers, the mission-oriented, those who thrive under pressure. Crafted with a blend of bold, full-bodied beans, Black Ops Blend delivers a powerful kick that will jumpstart your day and keep you sharp throughout.

Like a seasoned veteran, Black Ops Blend is:

  • Strong and Reliable: This dark roast boasts a robust flavor profile, perfect for those who demand a powerful start to their day.
  • Alert and Focused: The rich, full-bodied coffee provides a sustained energy boost to help you conquer any challenge.
  • Ready for Anything: Black Ops Blend is ground coffee, so you can brew it fresh in any pot or press, just like you used to in the field.

More than just a coffee, Black Ops Blend is a tribute. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting veterans' causes, giving back to those who served. So start your day strong, honor those who served, and brew a cup of Black Ops Blend.


Dark Roast: The Black Ops Blend is a robust 8 on a scale of 1-10 and offers bold flavors of dark chocolate, walnut, and a hint of dry fruit.

12oz. Ground Coffee

Manufactured by Peace Maker Coffee Company, Toledo, OH

Veteran Owned and Operated

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